5ml Self-standing Storage Tube

Biolanbo 5ml self-standing storage tube is used for the safe storage and transport of biological solutions.It’s available in screw cap with o-ring for leak-proof.


* Durable, chemical-resistant polypropylene, natural color

* Self-stand, 1.5ml is available in both self-stand and non-stand

* Autoclavable,can be freeze-thawed repeatedly

*RNase/DNase free, pyrogen free, cytotoxin free

* Up to 20000g centrifugal force

* Cover colors are available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, white, brown, natural

* Available with screw cap and push cap


Ordering Information

5ml Self-stand Storage Tube

BST50GSSelf-stand Storage Tube,5ml,screw cap,with gasket,with scale,non-sterile300pcs/pk
BST50GS-SSelf-stand Storage Tube,5ml,screw cap,with gasket,with scale,sterile300pcs/pk
BCT50SSelf-stand Storage Tube without cap,5ml,with scale,non-sterile300pcs/pk
BCT50S-SSelf-stand Storage Tube without cap,5ml,with scale,sterile300pcs/pk
BST5070Self-stand Storage Tube,5-7ml,screw cap,without gasket,non-sterile300pcs/pk
BST5070-SSelf-stand Storage Tube,5-7ml,screw cap,without gasket,sterile300pcs/pk
BST5070PSelf-stand Storage Tube,5-7ml,push cap,without gasket,non-sterile300pcs/pk
BST5070P-SSelf-stand Storage Tube,5-7ml,push cap,without gasket,sterile300pcs/pk
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