Cryo Procedure Cooling Box

Cryo procedure cooling box  is a  simple-to-use system, which is designed to achieve a rate of cooling very close to -1°C/minute and optimize cell preservation.


* Provide precise cooling rate (about -1°C/min) for cryopreservation of cells.

*A proper amount of isopropyl alcohol should be poured when using.

* Holds 18 cryovials

*Lid top designed for easy stacking

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Antifreeze Gloves

AG05-25Antifreeze Gloves,length:25cm1 pair/pk,120 pairs/carton
AG05-30Antifreeze Gloves,length:30cm1 pair/pk,120 pairs/carton
AG05-35Antifreeze Gloves,length:35cm1 pair/pk,120 pairs/carton
AG05-40Antifreeze Gloves,length:40cm1 pair/pk,120 pairs/carton
AG05-45Antifreeze Gloves,length:45cm1 pair/pk,120 pairs/carton
AG05-60Antifreeze Gloves,length:60cm1 pair/pk,120 pairs/carton
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