Screw Cap Micro Tube

Screw cap micro tube is very often used to store samples, sample packaging and automatic equipment operation, etc., widely used in a variety applications such like medical research, environmental engineering, pharmaceuticals, food industry, and cell biology and molecular biology.

Biolanbo screw cap micro tube features durable design made from medical grade polypropylene and incorporates an o-ring for leak-proof.

They are available in 0.5ml to 2ml with attached cap, or without cap.


* Durable, chemical-resistant polypropylene, natural color

* Self-stand, 1.5ml is available in both self-stand and non-stand

* Autoclavable,can be freeze-thawed repeatedly

*RNase/DNase free, pyrogen free, cytotoxin free

* Up to 20000g centrifugal force

* Cover colors are available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, white, brown, natural

Ordering Information

Micro Sample Tubes With Screw Caps

BST05SMicro sample tubes with screw caps,0.5ml,self-stand,non-sterile500pcs/pk,10pks/carton
BST05S-SMicro sample tubes with screw caps,0.5ml,self-stand,sterile500pcs/pk,10pks/carton
BST15SMicro sample tubes with screw caps,1.5ml,self-stand,non-sterile500pcs/pk,10pks/carton
BST15S-SMicro sample tubes with screw caps;1.5ml,self-stand,sterile500pcs/pk,10pks/carton
BST15NMicro sample tubes with screw caps;1.5ml,non-stand,non-sterile500pcs/pk,10pks/carton
BST15N-SMicro sample tubes with screw caps;1.5ml,non-stand,sterile500pcs/pk,10pks/carton
BST20SMicro sample tubes with screw caps,2.0ml,self-stand,non-sterile500pcs/pk,10pks/carton
BST20S-SMicro sample tubes with screw caps,2.0ml,self-stand,sterile500pcs/pk,10pks/carton
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