Conical-Bottom Centrifuge Bottle

Conical-bottom centrifuge bottle is designed to centrifuge large volume samples and help collect any solid or heavier parts of the sample being centrifuged,such like cell harvesting, DNA isolation, protein purification, sample storage, etc.

Biolanbo conical-bottom centrifuge bottle is made from  high quality polypropylene with grade for easy observation.


* Pre- sterile, ready-to-use

*Graded, for clear view of volume

* Excellent chemical resistance

*Available in 175mm,250ml and 500ml.

* 250ml and 500ml both adopt leak proof cap

Ordering Information

Conical Centrifuge Bottle

BWCB175Wide Mouth Conical Centrifuge Bottle,175ml,61x130mm1 pc/pk,40 pcs/carton
BWCB250Wide Mouth Conical Centrifuge Bottle,250ml,61x164mm1 pc/pk,40 pcs/carton
BCB250Conical Centrifuge Bottle,250ml,60x164mm1 pc/pk,102 pcs/carton
BCB500Conical Centrifuge Bottle,500ml,95x148mm1 pc/pk,40 pcs/carton
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