Round-bottom Centrifuge Tubes

Biolanbo supply a selection of high quality round-bottom centrifuge tubes available in different specification with push cap or  screw cap on  your choice.


* Made of  high quality polypropylene

* Reusable, autoclavable

* Graduated with writing area, for easy reading and writing

* Available in multiple specification from 2ml t0 100ml

* Available in screw cap and push cap

Ordering Information

Round-bottom Centrifuge Tubes

BRCT020P2ml Round-bottom Centrifuge Tubes,push cap,10x42mm500 pcs/bag,5000 pcs/carton
BRCT050P5ml Round-bottom Centrifuge Tubes,push cap,13x54mm300 pcs/bag,3000 pcs/carton
BRCT070P7ml Round-bottom Centrifuge Tubes,push cap,14x81mm200 pcs/bag,2000 pcs/carton
BRCT100P10ml Round-bottom Centrifuge Tubes,push cap,14.5x82mm200 pcs/bag,2000 pcs/carton
BRCT100S10ml Round-bottom Centrifuge,screw cap,16x102mm100 pcs/bag,1000 pcs/carton
BRCT150P15ml Round-bottom Centrifuge Tubes,push cap,18x98mm100 pcs/bag,1000 pcs/carton
BRCT150S15ml Round-bottom Centrifuge,screw cap,16x115mm100 pcs/bag,1000 pcs/carton
BRCT300S30ml Round-bottom Centrifuge,screw cap,27.5x107mm50 pcs/bag,500 pcs/carton
BRCT500P50ml Round-bottom Centrifuge Tubes,push cap,28x105mm50 pcs/bag,500 pcs/carton
BRCT500S50ml Round-bottom Centrifuge,screw cap,28.5x115mm50 pcs/bag,500 pcs/carton
BRCT1000P100ml Round-bottom Centrifuge Tubes,push cap,38x106mm30 pcs/bag,300 pcs/carton
BRCT1000S100ml Round-bottom Centrifuge,screw cap,38x116mm30 pcs/bag,300 pcs/carton
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