Brown Conical Centrifuge Tubes

Brown conical centrifuge tubes  are designed for light-protected storage or centrifugation of light-sensitive samples.

We offer brown conical centrifuge tubes in two specification,15ml and 50ml.


* Durable, chemical-resistant polypropylene, brown color

* Graduated with frosted writing area, screw cap.

* Sterile, RNase/DNase free, pyrogen free, cytotoxin free

* Available in bag and rack package

* Low adsorption centrifuge tubes reduce liquid hanging and material adsorption.

* Aseptic packaging is not recommended for secondary sterilization

* 50ml is available with a cone bottom self-stand type.

* Up to 17000g centrifugal force

Ordering Information

Conical Centrifuge Tubes In Brown

BCT150BBConical centrifuge tube in brown,15m,bag package25 pcs/bag,20 bags/carton
BCT150RBConical centrifuge tube in brown,15m,rack package50pcs/rack,10 racks/carton
BCT500BBConical centrifuge tube in brown,50m,bag package25 pcs/bag,20 bags/carton
BCT500RBConical centrifuge tube in brown,50m,rack package25 pcs/rack,20 racks/carton
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