Cellulose Acetate Membrane

Biolanbo offers a variety of membrane filters available with different membrane type,pore size and membrane size to meet diversify sample preparation requirement of researches. Because of the high quality and consistency of results our products provide,our filtration products are very welcomed by many researches.

Biolanbo cellulose acetate membrane is made of pure cellulose acetate,suitable for preparation of biological samples, clinical analysis and sterility testing.


General filtration for aqueous and organic samples.

Sample prep for chromatography and mass spec

Environmental monitoring and analysis

Purification and sterile filtration

Gas filtration


* Ultra-low protein binding capacity.

* Natural hydrophilic,suitable for aqueous solutions and alcohol media.

* Improved thermal stability and physical strength.

* Suitable for dry heat sterilization, radiation and ethylene oxide sterilization, autoclaving etc.

*Available in mutiple membrane size and pore size.

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