Tip Combs

Biolanbo offers a selection of high quality tip combs to accompany with our deep well plates for used in magnetic particle processing systems.


* Compatible with major extraction systems, such like KingFisher Systems.

* Available with 8-strip,12-strip,24-srip and 96-strip.

* Use with 2.0ml/2.2ml deep well plate.

Ordering Information

Tip Comb

BTC088-strip tip comb,standard type2 pcs/pk,100pcs/box
BTC08-S8-strip tip comb,standard type,sterilized2 pcs/pk,100pcs/box
BTC08N8-strip tip comb,without handle2 pcs/pk,100pcs/box
BTC08N-S8-strip tip comb,without handle,sterilized2 pcs/pk,100pcs/box
BTC08W8-strip tip comb,wide back type2 pcs/pk,100pcs/box
BTC08W-S8-strip tip comb,wide back type,sterilized2 pcs/pk,100pcs/box
BTC08V8-strip tip comb,with snap,V type2 pcs/pk,100pcs/box
BTC08V-S8-strip tip comb,with snap,V type,sterilized2 pcs/pk,100pcs/box
BTC08R8-strip tip comb,with snap,round type2 pcs/pk,100pcs/box
BTC08R-S8-strip tip comb,with snap,round type,sterilized2 pcs/pk,100pcs/box
BTC1212-strip tip comb2 pcs/pk,100pcs/box
BTC12-S12-strip tip comb,sterilized2 pcs/pk,100pcs/box
BTC24T24-strip tip comb,thinner type2 pcs/pk,30pks/box
BTC24T-S24-strip tip comb,thinner type,sterilized2 pcs/pk,30pks/box
BTC2424-strip tip comb,standard type2 pcs/pk,30pks/box
BTC24-S24-strip tip comb,standard type,sterilized2 pcs/pk,30pks/box
BTC24H24-strip tip comb,high volume type2 pcs/pk,30pks/box
BTC24H-S24-strip tip comb,high volume type,sterilized2 pcs/pk,30pks/box
BTC9696-strip tip comb2 pcs/pk,30pks/box
BTC96-S96-strip tip comb,sterilized2 pcs/pk,30pks/box
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