96 Deep Well Plates

Deep well plates are used for sample collection, nucleic acid extraction, in vitro growth chambers and long-term storage.

Optimized performance, a variety of options

96 Deep well plates are designed based on the appearance and size of ordinary micro plates (mainly 96 and 384-well plates), the length and width are kept in line with SBS international standards while the depth of the wells is extended to achieve the purpose of increasing the volume of each well.

Biolanbo deep well plates adopt USP Class VI polypropylene (PP) raw material,with excellent chemical resistance and temperature resistance.

Bioland offers a variety of 96 deep well plates including square hole, circle hole,U type,V type in 24 deep well,48 deep well, 96 deep well and 384 deep well to compatible with different brand of extraction system, widely used in nucleic acid extraction prior to  Covid-19 qPCR test.


* RNase/DNase free, Pyrogen free, Cytotoxin free

* Do not adsorb proteins and DNA

* Resistant to DMSO, phenols, chloroform, and is inert to water

* Autoclavable,can be used for -40 °C, -80 °C refrigerated and frozen storage

* Less residue, low metal content,can withstand 4000g centrifugal force without deformation

* Compatible with major extraction system brand including KingFisher、Roche 、Beckman etc.

Typical Applications:

  • Sample storage:they can replace conventional 1.5ml centrifuge tubes to store samples, with large storage capacity they are neatly placed during storage to save space, and can withstand -80°C refrigerators.
  • Sample processing: they can be combined with multiple channel pipette, high-throughput automatic liquid manipulation instruments and software to achieve high-throughput operations on biological samples, such as protein precipitation and liquid-liquid extraction, which greatly improve the efficiency of sample processing. The PP material can withstand high temperature and high pressure sterilization at 121°C.
  • Injection operation:commonly used in various autosamplers, they can be directly placed in the sample compartment of the autosampler to inject samples. Compared with traditional vials, they can not only double the number of samples placed in the sample compartment, but also make the sample to be injected directly after processing on the 96-well plate, which saves the tedious work of drawing the sample back and forth, placing the sample, covering the lid, inserting the intubation tube, and washing the bottle.

Ordering Information

Deep Well Plate

BD24S10V24 Deep Well Plate,square hole,10ml,V type5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD24S10V-S24 Deep Well Plate,square hole,10ml,V type,sterilized5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD48S46U48 Deep Well Plate,square hole,4.6ml,U type5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD48S46U-S48 Deep Well Plate,square hole,4.6ml,U type,sterilized5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD96S22U96 Deep Well Plate,Square hole,2.2ml,U type5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD96S22U-S96 Deep Well Plate,Square hole,2.2ml,U type,sterilized5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD96S22V96 Deep Well Plate,Square hole,2.2ml,V type5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD96S22V-S96 Deep Well Plate,Square hole,2.2ml,V type,sterilized5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD96S22C96 Deep Well Plate,Square hole,2.2ml,Cone type5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD96S22C-S96 Deep Well Plate,Square hole,2.2ml,Cone type,sterilized5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD96S16U96 Deep Well Plate,Square hole,1.6ml,U type5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD96S16U-S96 Deep Well Plate,Square hole,1.6ml,U type,sterilized5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD96S16V96 Deep Well Plate,Square hole,1.6ml,V type5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD96S13U96 Deep Well Plate,Square hole,1.3ml,U type10 pcs/pk,100pcs/carton
BD96S13U-S96 Deep Well Plate,Square hole,1.3ml,U type,sterilized10 pcs/pk,100pcs/carton
BD96S05C96 Deep Well Plate,Square hole,500ul,Cone type10 pcs/pk,100pcs/carton
BD96S05C-S96 Deep Well Plate,Square hole,500ul,Cone type,sterilized10 pcs/pk,100pcs/carton
BD384S024C384 Deep Well Plate,square hole,240ul,Cone type10 pcs/pk,100pcs/carton
BD384S024C-S384 Deep Well Plate,square hole,240ul,Cone type,sterilized10 pcs/pk,100pcs/carton
BD48C35U48 Deep Well Plate,circle hole,3.5ml,U type5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD48C35U-S48 Deep Well Plate,circle hole,3.5ml,U type,sterilized5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD96C20U96 Deep Well Plate,Circle hole,2.0ml,U type5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD96C13U96 Deep Well Plate,Circle hole,1.3ml,U type5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD96C13U-S96 Deep Well Plate,Circle hole,1.3ml,U type,sterilized5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD96C10U96 Deep Well Plate,Circle hole,1.0ml,U type5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD96C10U-S96 Deep Well Plate,Circle hole,1.0ml,U type,sterilized5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD96C13V96 Deep Well Plate,Circle hole,1.0ml,V type5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD96C13V-S96 Deep Well Plate,Circle hole,1.0ml,V type,sterilized5 pcs/pk,50pcs/carton
BD96C04U96 Deep Well Plate,Circle hole,400ul,U type10 pcs/pk,100pcs/carton
BDS96C04U-S96 Deep Well Plate,Circle hole,400ul,U type,sterilized10 pcs/pk,100pcs/carton
BD96C036V96 Deep Well Plate,Circle hole,360ul,V type10 pcs/pk,100pcs/carton
BD96C036V-S96 Deep Well Plate,Circle hole,360ul,V type,sterilized10 pcs/pk,100pcs/carton
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