PCR Sealing Film

PCR sealing film features a strong adhesive that’s effective from –70 to 100°C, providing reliable plate sealing during cycling and sample storage.

Biolanbo PCR sealing films are high integrity sealing materials which minimize the solution evaporation even under high temperature.


* RNase/DNase free, Pyrogen free, Cytotoxin free

* Prevent evaporation and cross-contamination between wells, excellent optical performance

* High transparency, suitable for qPCR test.

* Temperature range:-70~100°C

*Available in pre-sterilized package and non sterile package.


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PCR Sealing Film

BSF65APCR Sealing Film,136x80mm,Thickness:65um100 pcs/pk
BSF65BPCR Sealing Film(high transparency),143x79mm,Thickness:65um100 pcs/pk
BSF65C-SPCR Sealing Film(high transparency),143x79mm,Thickness:65um,sterilized100 pcs/pk
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