qPCR Plates


  • Sterile,RNase/DNase free,DNA free,PCR inhibition free
  • High transparency, good for qPCR fluorescence signal collection
  • Automatic application, excellent pipetting stability (unique to half-skirt PCR plate)

qPCR, also called real-time PCR, is so well-know during the Covid-19 pandemic, is the second-generation PCR technology for real-time quantitative detection of the copy number of the target DNA sequence, which plays an important role in a variety applications like scientific research, disease diagnosis, molecular breeding and other fields. In addition to reagents and instruments, qPCR experiments also require qPCR consumables, such as common 96-well or 384-well plates and matching sealing films, 8-strip tubes and optically transparent tube caps, etc.

Biolanbo qPCR plates are made of USP Class VI polypropylene (PP) raw material, with  temperature resistance and stability, which are especially designed for real-time PCR test.They are available in 0.1ml or 0.2ml ,transparent or white half skirt 96 well.

Our qPCR plates are applied to ABI qPCR Instruments 310 Genetic Analyzer,3130xl Genetic Analyzer,3500xl Dx Genetic Analyzer,3730xl DNA Analyzer,7500 Fast System,7900HT Fast System,StepOnePlus™,Veriti Dx Fast Thermal Cycler,Veriti Fast Thermal Cycler,3730 DNA Analyzer,3130 Genetic Analyzer,3500 Dx Genetic Analyzer,7500 Fast Dx System,ViiA™ 7Dx Fast System,ViiA™ 7 Fast System,3500 Genetic Analyzer,3500xl Genetic Analyzer.

Choosing Guide:

Half-skirt 96-well PCR microplates are  suitable for bottom-scanning qPCR instrument and also for automated applications.

White non-skirt 96-well PCR microplates are  suitable for top-scanning qPCR machines, not for automated applications.


* RNase/DNase free, Pyrogen free, Cytotoxin free

* Do not adsorb proteins and DNA

* Resistant to DMSO, phenols, chloroform, and is inert to water

* Autoclavable,can be used for -40 °C, -80 °C refrigerated and frozen storage

* Less residue, low metal content,can withstand 4000g centrifugal force without deformation

* Compatible with major qPCR systems.

Ordering Information

qPCR Plate

BQ9601NF96-Well PCR plate,0.1ml,half-skirted,frosted, recommended for QPCR15 pcs/box,10 boxes/carton
BQ9601NW96-Well PCR plate,0.1ml,half-skirted,white, recommended for QPCR15 pcs/box,10 boxes/carton
BQ9602NT96-Well PCR plate,0.2ml,half-skirted,transparent, recommended for QPCR10 pcs/box,10 boxes/carton
BQ9602NW96-Well PCR plate,0.2ml,half-skirted,white, recommended for QPCR10 pcs/box,10 boxes/carton
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