Stainless Steel Multi Filter

* Each filter holder is equipped with an independent control valve, which is flexible for use, convenient for disinfection and high in efficiency.

* Three or six samples can be detected at the same time, with high sensitivity, low false positive probability, and easy operation.

* Made of 316L sanitary stainless steel, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, easy to sterilize at high temperature, making the analysis results more stable and reliable.

* The aluminum alloy clip is designed to be reasonable tight, which can easily combine the filter bowl and the intermediate filter head together and ensure a strict seal without leakage.

* Widely used in chemical analysis, biochemical pharmacy, health inspection, environmental testing, water quality analysis, food, beverage, scientific research, etc.

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Stainless Steel Multi Filter

MSSF3-300Stainless Steel Multi Filter,three filter cup,300ml1 set/box
MSSF3-500Stainless Steel Multi Filter,three filter cup,500ml1 set/box
MSSF6-300Stainless Steel Multi Filter,six filter cup,300ml1 set/box
MSSF6-500Stainless Steel Multi Filter,six filter cup,500ml1 set/box
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