Sterile filter storage bottle

Sterile filter storage bottle is used with Biolanbo bottle top filters or as a container for storing culture medium.

Biolanbo sterile filter storage bottle, or sterile filter receiving bottle, is used with bottle top vacuum filters,made of  high grade polystyrene material, pre-sterilized and ready-to-use.

They feature an ergonomic design for easy use and handling.


* Gamma irradiation,can reduce risk of contamination.

* Biological Safety,meet USP<87>, USP<88>.

* Sterilized,RNase/DNase free, pyrogens free.

* GL45 connector,screw cap,leak proof.

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Sterile filter receiving bottle

BRB-250Sterile filter receiving bottle/storage bottle,250ml1 pc/pk,24 pcs/carton
BRB-500Sterile filter receiving bottle/storage bottle,500ml1 pc/pk,24 pcs/carton
BRB-1000Sterile filter receiving bottle/storage bottle,1000ml1 pc/pk,24 pcs/carton
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