Glass Bottom Dish

Glass bottom culture dish is mainly used for microscopic experiments that require high magnification and good light transmission performance on the bottom of the culture tool.

Glass bottom dish allows easy high-quality imaging in 35 mm dishes, combine the convenience of a standard 35 mm dish with the imaging advantages of a coverslip to provide the excellent optical properties required for high magnification microscopy and confocal image analysis. The inner surface of the dish bottom (glass area) has been treated for cell culturing.

Biolanbo  laser confocal plastic bottom culture dish is made of  excellent quality plastic sheet, which has optical properties similar to glass and good cell adhesion performance. They are bonded with non-cytotoxic medical glue, which is suitable for cell microscopy experiments requiring high resolution, such as laser confocal, and can withstand long-term cell culture.


* Improve cell culture image quality

* Reduce evaporation and contamination of media

* Sterilized,RNase/DNase free, endotoxin free,cytotoxin free


*Fluorescence microscopy

*Phase contrast microscopy

*Confocal laser microscopy

*Live cell imaging

*Differential interference microscopy

*Fluorescence in situ hybridization


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Glass Bottom Petri Dish

BPD3514Glass Bottom Petri Dish,diameter:35mm,glass bottom diameter:14mm10 pcs/pk,100pcs/carton
BPD3520Glass Bottom Petri Dish,diameter:35mm,glass bottom diameter:20mm10 pcs/pk,100pcs/carton
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