Microbial Testing Membrane

Microbial detection membrane, unsupported natural hydrophilic mixed cellulose filter membrane and cellulose nitrate membrane, use different pore sizes to enrich designated bacteria for culturing, which is widely used in various microbial analysis and research.

Microorganisms include: bacteria, viruses, fungi and some small protists, microscopic algae and other large groups of organisms. Microorganisms are widely distributed in nature because of their small size, light weight, strong adaptability and strong reproductive ability, and are closely related to humans. They exist in every corner that people can touch, such as medicine, agriculture, food, cosmetics, feed, pharmaceuticals, and the environment.

Microbiological testing, here can be also referred as colony count test, which is  standard for routine microbiological quality control ,plays a vital part for processing test and lot release test in pharmaceutical, food&beverage, cosmetic, municipal water industries to ensure products safety for consumption.

Membrane filtration microbial detection is an internationally recognized microbiological standard test method,approved by organizations such like AOAC, the United States, Europe and Japan, FDA and EPA.

Membrane filtration microbial detection method is easy for operation and has many advantages compared with traditional testing method:

* Compared with direct inoculation,  membrane filtration method can detect large volume of samples at one time.

* Concentration effect improves the testing accuracy.

* Membrane Filters with colonies can be kept as a long-term record of detection.

* Colony is easier for observation and proceed for qualitative and quantitative test.


Biolanbo offers full solution for microbial testing to streamline your microbial testing workflow, including single packed membrane and continuous packed membrane for dispenser, stainless  steel manifold, pre-sterilized disposable funnels, bacterial petri dishes, pumps and freeze-dried powder culture medium.


Biolanbo microbial testing membranes are available in multiple options: individually packed and continuous packed, gridded mixed cellulose ester membrane, shorted as MCE and gridded nitrate cellulose membrane, shorted as NC membrane, white gridded and black gridded.


Features of Biolanbo microbiology testing membrane:

* Available in individual package and continuous package.

* Meet ISO7704, most suitable for microbial retention and growth, microbial recovery >90%.

* Filteration efficiency LRV>7(ATCC 14756 serratia marcescens,ASTM Bacterial Challenge Test)

* Grid lines on the membrane facilitate colony identification and counting without affecting colony growth

* Gamma sterilization, expire for 3 years.

Ordering Information

Sterilized Microbiology Testing Membrane

BMC470022-SIndividually packed membrane,mixed cellulose ester,white gridded,47mm,0.22μm200 pcs/pk
BMC470022B-SIndividually packed membrane,mixed cellulose ester,white gridded,47mm,0.45μm200 pcs/pk
BMC470045B-SIndividually packed membrane,mixed cellulose ester,black gridded,47mm,0.22μm200 pcs/pk
BCN470022-SIndividually packed membrane,mixed cellulose ester,black gridded,47mm,0.45μm200 pcs/pk
BCN470045-SIndividually packed membrane,cellulose nitrate,white gridded,47mm,0.22μm200 pcs/pk
BCN470022B-SIndividually packed membrane,cellulose nitrate,white gridded,47mm,0.45μm200 pcs/pk
BCN470045B-SIndividually packed membrane,cellulose nitrate,black gridded,47mm,0.45μm200 pcs/pk
BMC470022C-SContinuously packed membrane,mixed cellulose ester,white gridded,47mm,0.22μm150 pcs/pk
BMC470045C-SContinuously packed membrane,mixed cellulose ester,white gridded,47mm,0.45μm150 pcs/pk
BMC470022CB-SContinuously packed membrane,mixed cellulose ester,black gridded,47mm,0.22μm150 pcs/pk
BMC470045CB-SContinuously packed membrane,mixed cellulose ester,black gridded,47mm,0.45μm150 pcs/pk
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