Disposable Sterile Filter Funnels

Disposable sterile filter funnels are used in membrane microbial detection method and to work with filtration systems and membranes.They allow quick performance of the filtrations required in the routine testing of water, food and beverages, pharmaceutical,cosmetic products etc.They are made of medical grade polypropylene and available in 100ml and 250ml with scales.


*Safe and Reliable

*Sterile packaged – Ready to use,pre-sterilized for easy operation,handling and time saving

*Fully disposable funnel – Preparation- and sterilization-free procedure reduces the risk of cross contamination

*Optimized design and materials – No leakage and no liquid remains after filtration.

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Disposable Sterile Filter Funnels

BFF100-SDisposable sterile filter funnel,100ml12 pcs/pk
BFF250-SDisposable sterile filter funnel,250ml12 pcs/pk
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