Single packed gridded membrane

Single packed gridded membrane is individually wrapped, pre-sterilized gridded MCE membrane or NC membrane, ready-to-use, for rapid and reliable microbial test in a variety of application.

Biolanbo single packed gridded membranes are made of mixed cellulose ester(MCE)membrane or nitrate cellulose membrane(NC), choose between  pore size of 0.45μm,0.2μm and 0.8μm with white grid or black grid, offer high quality and reliability for microbial detection.

Due to the natural characteristic of the cellulose membrane, they feature superior wetting ability, high flow rate, outstanding recovery rate and optimum colony growth.

Since they are individually wrapped membrane, it avoids the possibility of cross contamination with remaining filters in opened packs.

The biosafety printed grid on the membrane does not affect the colony growth while divides the filtration area into 130 squares, each measuring 3.1 × 3.1 mm makes the counting easier, especially for higher bacteria counts and for micro-colonies.Different membrane color allow the best contrast to the colonies or particles.


* Meet ISO7704, most suitable for microbial retention and growth, microbial recovery >90%.

* Filteration efficiency LRV>7(ATCC 14756 serratia marcescens,ASTM Bacterial Challenge Test)

* Grid lines on the membrane facilitate colony identification and counting without affecting colony growth

* Gamma pre-sterilized, ready-to-use, expire for 3 years.

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Single packed gridded membrane

BMC470022-SIndividually packed membrane,mixed cellulose ester,white gridded,47mm,0.22μm200 pcs/pk
BMC470022B-SIndividually packed membrane,mixed cellulose ester,white gridded,47mm,0.45μm200 pcs/pk
BMC470045B-SIndividually packed membrane,mixed cellulose ester,black gridded,47mm,0.22μm200 pcs/pk
BCN470022-SIndividually packed membrane,mixed cellulose ester,black gridded,47mm,0.45μm200 pcs/pk
BCN470045-SIndividually packed membrane,cellulose nitrate,white gridded,47mm,0.22μm200 pcs/pk
BCN470022B-SIndividually packed membrane,cellulose nitrate,white gridded,47mm,0.45μm200 pcs/pk
BCN470045B-SIndividually packed membrane,cellulose nitrate,black gridded,47mm,0.45μm200 pcs/pk
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