Dispenser-ready membrane

Dispenser-ready membrane is ready-to-use, easy-load pleated band of membrane filters,for used with membrane dispenser to handle high volume samples, improve working efficiency and reduce cross contamination.


Biolanbo  dispenser-ready  membrane, are pre-sterilized gridded membrane, made of cellulose mixed ester, like single packed sterile gridded membrane filters, are ready-to-use and allow a good bioburden recovery, offers high quality and reliability, widely used for colony counting as well as particle testing.

They are individually sealed in an easy-load pleated band with 150 filters, without protective paper, specifically designed to run on an automatic membrane dispenser.

The special pleating design ensures that the membrane filters are perfectly flat when dispensed.

The ready-to-use and  easy-load pleated band design not only free the hands of the experimenter, improve working efficiency, but also highly reduce cross contamination during operation, thus is perfect for high volume applications.


* Meet ISO7704,most suitable for microbial retention and growth, microbial recovery >90%.

* Filtration efficiency LRV>7(ATCC 14756 serratia marcescens,ASTM Bacterial Challenge Test)

* Grid lines on the membrane facilitate colony identification and counting without affecting colony growth

* Gamma sterilization, ready-to use, expire for 3 years

* Compatible with EZ–Pak® membrane dispenser

*Available in white gridded and black gridded membrane


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Dispenser-ready membrane

BMC470022C-SContinuously packed membrane,mixed cellulose ester,white gridded,47mm,0.22μm150 pcs/pk
BMC470045C-SContinuously packed membrane,mixed cellulose ester,white gridded,47mm,0.45μm150 pcs/pk
BMC470022CB-SContinuously packed membrane,mixed cellulose ester,black gridded,47mm,0.22μm150 pcs/pk
BMC470045CB-SContinuously packed membrane,mixed cellulose ester,black gridded,47mm,0.45μm150 pcs/pk
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