Syringe Filter

Biolanbo offers comprehensive syringe filter portfolio, including non-sterile and sterile syringe filter available with dimension of  4mm,13mm,25mm and 30mm and a variety of membrane medium options like regenerated cellulose (RC),PTFE,PVDF,PES,Nylon,cellulose in high quality and competitive prices.

Syringe filters are widely used in gravimetric analysis, microanalysis, colloid isolation and sample preparation of HPLC,MS,LS-MS,GC-MS. They are also frequently used in preparation of biological products, filtration of liquid samples such as tissue culture medium, microbial media, buffer solutions, purification and clarification of corrosive solutions, filtration of a small number of samples, removal of impurities in samples, precipitation.

Biolanbo syringe filters are produced in ISO8 clean workshop adopts medical grade PP material and most of our membranes are supplied by leading membrane companies in the world,which ensures the quality to the greatest extent from the raw materials and production process. Therefore,our syringe filters have good batch-to-batch consistency and excellent filtration effect.

Available in multiple membranes and specification,including Nylon,PVDF,PTFE,MCE,CA,PES,PP membrane,4mm,13mm,25mm and 30mm.


Membrane diameter Filtration area Dead volume Filtration volume Pressure resistance
4mm 0.125cm2 5ul 1ml 87PSI
13mm 0.92cm2 10ul 10ml 87PSI
25mm 2.98cm2 50ul 100ml 87PSI

Typical Applications:

* Sample preparation of HPLC/GC

* Routine QC test

* Dissolution testing

* Final Filtration of alcohol, beverages, etc

* Environmental water sample analysis

* Purification of airborne particles and air sterilization in the fermentation industry

Choosing Guide:

Regenerated Cellulose (RC):Super low non-specific-adsorption characteristic, ideal option for both aqueous solutions and most organic solvents.

Nylon:widely used, aqueous phase and organic phase can be used, alkali&acid resistance. Protein binding ability is strong, Not recommended for protein-containing liquid filtration

PES:suitable for aqueous phase, low protein adsorption, suitable for biological medium or serum filtration, high speed.

CA and MCE: suitable for aqueous phase with a narrow PH range.

PVDF:good chemical compatibility, low protein binding, not used for DMSO.

PTFE:hydrophobic membrane is used for organic phase and hydrophilic PTFE membrane is used for aqueous phase. Excellent chemical compatibility, universal type.


* Low extractables

* High filtration efficiency >99%

* High flow rate and High flux

* Strong pressure resistance


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