Conical Centrifuge Tubes

Conical centrifuge tubes are widely used in cell culturing and centrifugation, sample preparation in microbiology  and molecular biology laboratories, moderate volume sample storage, centrifuging ,etc.

Biolanbo conical centrifuge tubes are made from high quality polypropylene, available in 5ml,15ml and 50ml.


* Durable, high quality chemical-resistant polypropylene, excellent mechanical strength,natural color

* Graduated with frosted writing area, screw cap.

* Sterile,RNase/DNase free, pyrogen free, cytotoxin free

* Available in bag and rack package

* Low adsorption centrifuge tubes reduce liquid hanging and material adsorption.

* Aseptic packaging is not recommended for secondary sterilization

* 50ml is available with a cone bottom self-stand type.

* Up to 17000g centrifugal force

Ordering Information

Conical Centrifuge Tubes

BCT050B-SSterile conical centrifuge tubes,5ml,bag package25 pcs/bag,20 bags/carton
BCT150R-SSterile conical centrifuge tubes,15ml,rack package50pcs/rack,10 racks/carton
BCT500B-SSterile conical centrifuge tubes,50ml,bag package25 pcs/bag,20 bags/carton
BCT500R-SSterile conical centrifuge tubes,50ml,rack package25 pcs/rack,20 racks/carton
BCT500BS-SSterile conical centrifuge tubes,50ml,self-stand,bag package25 pcs/bag,20 bags/carton
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