Male Luer Lock Syringe Filter

Biolanbo male luer lock syringe filters adopt polycarbonate as housing material and female luer lock inlet, male luer lock outlet and available in the specification of 33mm.


  • Disposable,γ sterilization,ready-to-use, filtration efficiency(0.22μm): LRV>7 Brevundimonas diminuta, ATCC19146, ASTM bacterial challenge test
  • No pyrogen , no surfactants, very low extractables and protein binding
  • High flow rate

Ordering Information

33mm Sterile Syringe Filter

BS33PV0022SSterile syringe filter,hydrophilic PVDF,33mm,0.22μm50pcs/pk
BS33PV0045SSterile syringe filter,hydrophilic PVDF,33mm,0.45μm50pcs/pk
BS33PT0022SSterile syringe filter,hydrophobic PTFE,33mm,0.22μm50pcs/pk
BS33PT0045SSterile syringe filter,hydrophobic PTFE,33mm,0.45μm50pcs/pk
BS33PE0022SSterile syringe filter,PES,33mm,0.22μm50pcs/pk
BS33PE0045SSterile syringe filter,PES,33mm,0.45μm50pcs/pk
BS33CA0022SSterile syringe filter,CA,33mm,0.22μm50pcs/pk
BS33CA0045SSterile syringe filter,CA,33mm,0.45μm50pcs/pk
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