Disposable Vacuum Filters

Disposable Vacuum Filters are pre-sterilized ready-to-use stand-alone filtration systems that combine a filter funnel (bottle top filter), a receiver bottle and a port.

Disposable vacuum filters are pre-sterilized, read-to-use filtration system to save experimental time and reduce contamination.

Biolanbo disposable vacuum filters consist of polystyrene funnel and storage bottle, available in multiple filter material, for middle scale bioburden reduction and sterilization of buffer, tissue culture media, protein and DNA solutions, and other biological solutions.

Biolanbo disposable vacuum filters are available in three dimension with three pore size 0.1μm,0.22μm,0.45μm choosing between multiple filter material to meet different application requirement.


* Ready-to-use, very convenient, which is an ideal tool for sterilization or impurity removal of a large number of biological liquids in the laboratory.

* Available with  PES membrane,CA membrane and hydrophilic PVDF membrane with different pore size to fulfill treatment of variety of liquid.

* Disposable,gamma irradiation.

* Filtration efficiency(0.22μm):LRV>7,Pseudomonas deficient,ATCC19146, ASTM,BCT.

* Biological Safety,meet USP<87>, USP<88>

* Sterilized,RNase/DNase free, pyrogens free,surfactant free,very low extraction.

* Super-low protein binding capacity

* High flow rate and through put

* Ergonomic design, the upper and lower containers have scales, making the filtration more convenient and easy to operate.

Option Guide

* 0.1μm vacuum filter is used for mycoplasma removal of liquids.

* 0.2μm vacuum filter is used for bacterial removal of liquids.

* 0.45μm vacuum filter is used for prefiltration and bioburden reduction.

Ordering Information

Disposable Vacuum Filters-PES

BPE250-010Disposable Vacuum Filter,500ml,PES membrane,diameter:90mm,pore size:0.1μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BPE500-010Disposable Vacuum Filter,1000ml,PES membrane,diameter:90mm,pore size:0.1μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BPE1000-010Disposable Vacuum Filter,250ml,PES membrane,diameter:50mm,pore size:0.22μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BPE250-022Disposable Vacuum Filter,500ml,PES membrane,diameter:90mm,pore size:0.22μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BPE500-022Disposable Vacuum Filter,1000ml,PES membrane,diameter:90mm,pore size:0.22μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BPE1000-022Disposable Vacuum Filter,250ml,PES membrane,diameter:50mm,pore size:0.45μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BPE250-045Disposable Vacuum Filter,250ml,PES membrane,diameter:90mm,pore size:0.45μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BPE500-045Disposable Vacuum Filter,500ml,PES membrane,diameter:90mm,pore size:0.45μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BPE1000-045Disposable Vacuum Filter,1000ml,PES membrane,diameter:90mm,pore size:0.45μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton

Disposable Vacuum Filters-PVDF

BPV250-010Disposable Vacuum Filter,500ml,PVDF membrane,diameter:90mm,pore size:0.1μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BPV500-010Disposable Vacuum Filter,1000ml,PVDF membrane,diameter:90mm,pore size:0.1μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BPV1000-010Disposable Vacuum Filter,250ml,PVDF membrane,diameter:50mm,pore size:0.22μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BPV250-022Disposable Vacuum Filter,500ml,PVDF membrane,diameter:90mm,pore size:0.22μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BPV500-022Disposable Vacuum Filter,1000ml,PVDF membrane,diameter:90mm,pore size:0.22μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BPV1000-022Disposable Vacuum Filter,250ml,PVDF membrane,diameter:50mm,pore size:0.45μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BPV250-045Disposable Vacuum Filter,250ml,PVDF membrane,diameter:90mm,pore size:0.45μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BPV500-045Disposable Vacuum Filter,500ml,PVDF membrane,diameter:90mm,pore size:0.45μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BPV1000-045Disposable Vacuum Filter,1000ml,PVDF membrane,diameter:90mm,pore size:0.45μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton

Disposable Vacuum Filters-CA

BCA250-022Disposable Vacuum Filter,500ml,CA membrane,diameter:90mm,pore size:0.22μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BCA500-022Disposable Vacuum Filter,1000ml,CA membrane,diameter:90mm,pore size:0.22μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BCA1000-022Disposable Vacuum Filter,250ml,CA membrane,diameter:50mm,pore size:0.45μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BCA250-045Disposable Vacuum Filter,250ml,CA membrane,diameter:90mm,pore size:0.45μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BCA500-045Disposable Vacuum Filter,500ml,CA membrane,diameter:90mm,pore size:0.45μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
BCA1000-045Disposable Vacuum Filter,1000ml,CA membrane,diameter:90mm,pore size:0.45μm1 pc/pk,12 pcs/carton
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