Qualitative Filter Paper

Biolanbo qualitative filter paper is made of high-quality cotton,using modern and unique paper making technology and advanced paper making equipments,which are widely used in scientific research,industrial,agriculture,environmental,pharmaceutical field for qualitative analysis and precipitation and solid-liquid phase separation and purification.


Speed Particle retention(μm) Weight(g/cm²) Flow rate(s) Wet Burstmm H2O Ash< %
High speed 101 80-120 80±5 35 130mm 0.15
Medium speed 102 30-50 80±5 35-70 150mm 0.15
Slow speed 103 1-5 80±5 70-140 200mm 0.15

.Filtration speed is the time for filtering 10ml(23±1℃)distillated water through 10cm2 filter paper.

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Qualitative Filter Paper

BLFP07Qualitative filter paper,diameter 7cm100pcs/box
BLFP09Qualitative filter paper,diameter 9cm100pcs/box
BLFP11Qualitative filter paper,diameter 11cm100pcs/box
BLFP125Qualitative filter paper,diameter 12.5cm100pcs/box
BLFP15Qualitative filter paper,diameter 15cm100pcs/box
BLFP18Qualitative filter paper,diameter 18cm100pcs/box
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