Sterile Syringe Filter

Biolanbo offers a selection of sterile syringe filters with multiple filter material and specification.

Sterile filtration is one of the fastest of the many ways to sterilize liquids and reduces the impact of the sterilization process on the active ingredients of the liquid.Sterile syringe filters are used in a variety of fields in life science such as pharmaceuticals, environment, biotechnology, food & beverage, agriculture ,sterilize small volumes of various biological liquids such as proteins, media, additives, buffers, reagents or pharmaceuticals.

Biolanbo sterile syringe filters are available with PES membrane,hydrophilic PVDF membrane,CA membrane and nylon membrane.


  • Disposable,γ sterilization, filtration efficiency(0.22μm): LRV>7 Brevundimonas diminuta, ATCC19146, ASTM bacterial challenge test
  • No pyrogen , no surfactants, very low extractables and protein binding
  • High flow rate and flux.

Choosing Guide:

*0.1μm  filters are used to remove mycoplasma

*0.22μm filter is used to remove all bacteria

*0.45μm filters are used to remove particles from liquids


*Sterilization or clarification of biological liquids

*Tissue culture media preparation。

*Filtration of protein or enzyme products。


Ordering Information

Sterile Syringe Filter

BS13PE0022SSterile syringe filter,PES,13mm,0.22μm100pcs/pk
BS13PE0045SSterile syringe filter,PES,13mm,0.45μm100pcs/pk
BS25PE0022SSterile syringe filter,PES,25mm,0.22μm50pcs/pk
BS25PE0045SSterile syringe filter,PES,25mm,0.45μm50pcs/pk
BS30PE0022SSterile syringe filter,PES,30mm,0.22μm50pcs/pk
BS30PE0045SSterile syringe filter,PES,30mm,0.45μm50pcs/pk
BS13PV0022SSterile syringe filter,Hydrophilic PVDF,13mm,0.22μm100pcs/pk
BS13PV0045SSterile syringe filter,Hydrophilic PVDF,13mm,0.45μm100pcs/pk
BS25PV0022SSterile syringe filter,Hydrophilic PVDF,25mm,0.22μm50pcs/pk
BS25PV004SSterile syringe filter,Hydrophilic PVDF,25mm,0.45μm50pcs/pk
BS30PV0022SSterile syringe filter,Hydrophilic PVDF,30mm,0.22μm50pcs/pk
BS30PV0045SSterile syringe filter,Hydrophilic PVDF,30mm,0.45μm50pcs/pk
BS13CA0022SSterile syringe filter,CA,13mm,0.22μm100pcs/pk
BS13CA0045SSterile syringe filter,CA,13mm,0.45μm100pcs/pk
BS25CA0022SSterile syringe filter,CA,25mm,0.22μm50pcs/pk
BS25CA0045SSterile syringe filter,CA,25mm,0.45μm50pcs/pk
BS30CA0022SSterile syringe filter,CA,30mm,0.22μm50pcs/pk
BS30CA0045SSterile syringe filter,CA,30mm,0.45μm50pcs/pk
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