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In-line vent filter is easy to use, disposable and autoclavable filter device, it is good at preventing water while providing air exchange from inside and outside of a container, which is an ideal tool for small volume venting and gas filtration in many applications to protect equipment and laboratory environments.

Biolanbo in-line vent filter features compact constructure, contains a PP housing and a hydrophobic PTFE membrane, designed to provide high efficiency removal of particles and airborne bacteria.

Typical application:

  • Protect vacuum systems from pathogen contamination and vacuum pumps from aerosol corrosion
  • Sterile venting of filling vessels, such like culture vessels and CO2 incubators
  • Venting of tanks for sterile, distilled water and liquid culture media
  • Sterile air exchange for bioreactors, culture vessels, fermenters and carboys
  • Protect working area from airborne pathogens and hazardous vacuum pump exhausting or venting


* Hydrophobic PTFE membrane reinforced polypropylene support,autoclavable

* High air flow rate and high efficiency

* High pressure resistance up to 60 psi


  • 6-12mm stepped hose barb inlet/outlet
  • Inlet to outlet:45mm
  • Diameter:56.2mm
  • Filtration area:17.2cm²
  • Maximum operation condition:130℃@60psi
  • 0.2µm air flow rate

Δp=0.2kPa      1.1L/min

Δp=0.5kPa      2.9L/min

Δp=10kPa       5.0L/min

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Fermenter Ventilation Filter

BVF50PT0022Vent Filter,50mm,hydrophobic PTFE 0.22μm25 pcs/box
BVF50PT0045Vent Filter,50mm,hydrophobic PTFE 0.45μm25 pcs/box
BVF50PT0100Vent Filter,50mm,hydrophobic PTFE 1.0μm25 pcs/box
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