Quantitative Filter Paper

Biolanbo quantitative filter papers are treated with hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid and washed with distilled water in their manufacturing process, and most of the impurities in the paper fiber are removed, so there is very little ash after burning, so there is almost no impact on the analysis results.Thus they are applied to precise quantitative analysis.


Speed Particle retention(μm) Weight(g/cm²) Flow rate(s) Wet Burstmm H2O Ash< %
High speed 201 80-120 80±5 35 130mm 0.01
Medium speed 202 30-50 80±5 35-70 150mm 0.01
Slow speed 203 1-5 80±5 70-140 200mm 0.01

.Filtration speed is the time for filtering 10ml(23±1℃)distillated water through 10cm2 filter paper.

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Quantitative Filter Paper

BTFP07Quantitative filter paper,diameter 7cm100pcs/box
BTFP09Quantitative filter paper,diameter 9cm100pcs/box
BTFP11Quantitative filter paper,diameter 11cm100pcs/box
BTFP125Quantitative filter paper,diameter 12.5cm100pcs/box
BTFP15Quantitative filter paper,diameter 15cm100pcs/box
BTFP18Quantitative filter paper,diameter 18cm100pcs/box
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