4mm Syringe Filter

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4mm Syringe Filters are used for tiny volume or precious HPLC samples containing low solid content and CE (Capillary Electrophoresis) samples.

4mm syringe filter has standard inlet and outlet luer connections,to handle sample volume up to 2 mL and low hold volume of ≤10 µL ensuring maximum sample recovery.

It is designed for sample preparation of small volume samples.As the filter dimension is small,the dead volume will be lessened than conventional filters,makes them very suitable for precious sample filtration and critical applications requiring low contamination,such like aqueous or organic solutions in HPLC sample filtration.

Biolanbo 4mm syringe filters are made of medical grade polypropylene using ultrasonic welding,which features excellent mechanical strength.

They are available with multiple filter media including PES,PVDF,PTFE,Nylon,RC in 0.22μm and 0.45μm.

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4mm Non-sterile Syringe Filter

BS04NY0022Non-sterile syringe filter,nylon,4mm,0.22μm200pcs/box
BS04NY0045Non-sterile syringe filter,nylon,4mm,0.45μm200pcs/box
BS04PE0022Non-sterile syringe filter,PES,4mm,0.22μm200pcs/box
BS04PE0045Non-sterile syringe filter,PES,4mm,0.45μm200pcs/box
BS04CA0022Non-sterile syringe filter,CA,4mm,0.22μm200pcs/box
BS04CA0045Non-sterile syringe filter,CA,4mm,0.45μm200pcs/box
BS04PT0022LNon-sterile syringe filter,hydrophilic PTFE ,4mm,0.22μm200pcs/box
BS04PT0045LNon-sterile syringe filter,hydrophilic PTFE,4mm,0.45μm200pcs/box
BS04MC0022Non-sterile syringe filter,MCE,4mm,0.22μm200pcs/box
BS04MC0045Non-sterile syringe filter,MCE,4mm,0.45μm200pcs/box
BS04PV0022LNon-sterile syringe filter,hydrophilic PVDF,4mm,0.22μm200pcs/box
BS04PV0045LNon-sterile syringe filter,hydrophilic PVDF,4mm,0.45μm200pcs/box
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