PETG Media Bottle

Biolanbo PETG  Culture Media bottles are designed for the preparation and storage of active pharmaceuticals, intermediates, buffers, media and other laboratory fluids.

Biolanbo PETG media bottle is made of high-quality PETG material through precision molds and automated equipment, with high transparency and high durability. It can be used for long-term storage of aqueous solutions, such as serum, culture media, trypsin, reagents and other products.

PETG has excellent transparency and smoothness, light transmittance up to 91%,which results in good display effect.

Plus PETG has good chemical resistance, can withstand the attack of a variety of chemicals.

In addition,PETG has extremely high toughness and tensile properties.Its maximum stretch ratio can reach about 180%.

Strong toughness, which greatly reduces the breakage during use and greatly reduces the overall cost of the finished product and provide better protection of products.

The permeability of CO2 and O2 of PETG in common plastics is low, and it can be used for storage of PH-sensitive substances.

Common resin permeability table:

Name of Resin Permeability(cc-mil/100 in²-24hr-atm)
N2 O2 CO2
HDPE 42 185 580
PP 48 240 800
PS 20-25 300-400 1000-1500
PETG 10 25 125


* PETG body,HDPE bottle cap

* Sterilized,RNase/DNase free, Pyrogen free, Cytotoxin free

* Small Package

* Square design for more storage space

* Excellent airtightness, better solves the problem of leakage

*Graduated, for easy read.

*Environmental friendly, economical and convenient recycling,when incinerating its waste, no harmful substances to the enviornment will be produced.


  • Many biological reagents
  • Aqueous mixed samples and solutions
  • Culture media
  • Serum

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PETG Square Culture Medium Bottle

BMF0050SSterilized Culture Medium Flask,50ml72 pc/pk,144 pcs/carton
BMF0125SSterilized Culture Medium Flask,125ml25 pc/pk,100 pcs/carton
BMF0250SSterilized Culture Medium Flask,250ml30 pc/pk,60 pcs/carton
BMF0500SSterilized Culture Medium Flask,500ml24 pc/pk,48 pcs/carton
BMF1000SSterilized Culture Medium Flask,1000ml12 pc/pk,24 pcs/carton
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