Cell Culture Dish

Cell culture dishes are widely used as experimental consumables for culturing cells and microorganisms.

They normally consist of a flat disc-shaped bottom and a cover.

Biolanbo  cell culture dishes are made of high grade polystyrene with great  transparency for superior optical clarity and are stackable for convenient storage and handling.


*Innovative design of cell culture dishes improves the guarantee of experimental results. Meanwhile brings a more comfortable experience during use.

*Innovative external support design reduces the risk of debris from abrasion falling into the dish.

*Innovative easy-to-grip design effectively avoids the risk of the bottom dish not being held or falling when picking up.

*The hole design on the easy-to-grab ring makes the air flow more smoothly and exchanged excellently.

*Flat and transparent, easy to observe under microscope.

*Bottom thickness is uniform and flat.

*Irradiation sterilization.

*RNase/DNase free, endotoxin free,pyrogen free,cytotoxic free

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Cell Culture Dish

BCD03512Cell culture dish,easy to grab,35x12mm10 pcs/pk,500 pcs/carton
BCD06015Cell culture dish,easy to grab and ventilated,60x15mm10 pcs/pk,500 pcs/carton
BCD10020Cell culture dish,easy to grab and ventilated,100x20mm10 pcs/pk,300 pcs/carton
BCD15020Cell culture dish,easy to grab and ventilated,150x20mm10 pcs/pk100 pcs/carton
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