Disposable Serological Pipettes

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Biolanbo disposable serological pipettes  are individually wrapped sterile pipettes.

Biolanbo disposable serological pipettes are made of high-quality polystyrene, and the novel pipette port design can be adapted to almost all brands of pipettes on the market. Pre-sterilized by gamma irradiation,they are mainly used to accurately measure or transfer a certain volume of liquid, widely used in cell culture, bacteriology, clinical, scientific research and other fields.


* Suitable for tissue and cell culture work.

* Tested for sterility, accuracy and endotoxin levels, certified pyrogen-free

* Polystyrene material, high transparency, clear scale, to achieve precise pipetting

* No leaking tips

* Ready-to-use,RNase/DNase free, Pyrogen free, Cytotoxin free

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Disposable Serological Pipettes

DSP01-SDisposable serological pipettes,1ml,sterilized individually packed50 pcs/pk,1000 pcs/carton
DSP02-SDisposable serological pipettes,2ml,sterilized individually packed50 pcs/pk,1000 pcs/carton
DSP05-SDisposable serological pipettes,5ml,sterilized individually packed50 pcs/pk,1000 pcs/carton
DSP10-SDisposable serological pipettes,10ml,sterilized individually packed50 pcs/pk,1000 pcs/carton
DSP25-SDisposable serological pipettes,25ml,sterilized individually packed25 pcs/pk,200 pcs/carton
DSP50-SDisposable serological pipettes,30ml,sterilized individually packed25 pcs/pk,200 pcs/carton
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