Disposable Sterile Shaking Flask

Disposable sterile shaking flask are ready to use and ideal for shaker culture applications and storage.

Disposable sterile shaking flasks are suitable for suspension cell cultivation in small-scale process development, step-by-step scale-up and other cultivation stages, e.g. animal cells, bacteria, fungi,plant cells.

They can also be applied to some cells with high oxygen requirements and ideal for media preparation and storage.


*Durable PETG material with excellent transparency.

*Available in 125ml、250ml、500ml、1000m.

*With scale on the bottle for easy read and ensure accuracy.

*Sterilized,RNase/DNase free, endotoxin free,pyrogen free,cytotoxin free

*Available in sealed cap and vented cap with a 0.2μm PTFE venting filter.

Ordering Information

Disposable Sterile Shaking Flask

BSSF125FDisposable sterile shaking flask,filtered cap,125ml1 pc/pk, 40 pcs/carton
BSSF125SDisposable sterile shaking flask,sealed cap,125ml1 pc/pk, 40 pcs/carton
BSSF250FDisposable sterile shaking flask,filtered cap,250ml1 pc/pk, 40 pcs/carton
BSSF250SDisposable sterile shaking flask,sealed cap,250ml1 pc/pk, 40 pcs/carton
BSSF500FDisposable sterile shaking flask,filtered cap,500ml1 pc/pk, 40 pcs/carton
BSSF500SDisposable sterile shaking flask,sealed cap,500ml1 pc/pk, 40 pcs/carton
BSSF1000FDisposable sterile shaking flask,filtered cap,1000ml1 pc/pk, 40 pcs/carton
BSSF1000SDisposable sterile shaking flask,sealed cap,1000ml1 pc/pk, 40 pcs/carton
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