Cell Strainer

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Cell Strainers are used  for rapid isolation of cells from tissue suspensions

Cell strainer can filter cell samples, preliminarily screen single-cell suspensions of target cell size, and remove possible cell clusters or debris to improve the accuracy of experimental results.

Cell strainer is easy and rapid for operation, so is a perfect alternative to gauze filter.

It’s also commonly used for preparation of Single Cell Suspensions for Flow Cytometry.


* Ideal for stem cell and tissue-derived primary cell preparation.

* Applied to Biolanbo、Corning、Thermo and other major brands of 50ml centrifugal tubes and cell culture tube.

* PP Shell and Nylon mesh filter.

* Sterilized,RNase/DNase free, endotoxin free.

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Cell Strainer

BCS40BCell Strainer,blue,40um1 pc/pk,50 pcs/carton
BCS70NCell Strainer,natural color,70um1 pc/pk,50 pcs/carton
BCS100YCell Strainer,yellow,100um1 pc/pk,50 pcs/carton
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