Self-sealing Pipette Tips

Biolanbo self-sealing pipette tips, different from traditional filter pipette tips, are made of special self-sealing filter material.The self-sealing material features good air permeability and will be self-sealed when exposed to aqueous solutions, which ensures perfect protection against aerosols and liquid samples. The self-sealing filter element greatly reduces the pollution of aerosols and liquids and protects our laboratory personnel and pipettes more safely,which is especially suitable for PCR, radioactive biohazardous, corrosive and volatile samples.


  • RNase/DNase free, Pyrogen free, Cytotoxin free
  • Pre-sterilized, ready-to-use
  • Good aerosol barrier, avoiding cross-contamination
  • Compatible with major pipettes in the market.

Ordering Information

Self-sealing Filter Tips

BSFPT10T-SSelf-sealing filter tips,10ul,sterile package,transparent,length:43.5mm96 pcs/box,50 boxes/carton
BSFPT20T-SSelf-sealing filter tips,20ul sterile package,transparent,length:50.5mm96 pcs/box,50 boxes/carton
BSFPT50T-SSelf-sealing filter tips,50ul sterile package,transparent,length:50.5mm96 pcs/box,50 boxes/carton
BSFPT100T-SSelf-sealing filter tips,100ul sterile package,transparent,length:50.5mm96 pcs/box,50 boxes/carton
BSFPT200T-SSelf-sealing filter tips,200ul sterile package,transparent,length:59mm96 pcs/box,50 boxes/carton
BXSFPT200T-SSelf-sealing filter tips,200ul,sterile package,transparent,length:89mm96 pcs/box,30 boxes/carton
BSFPT300T-SSelf-sealing filter tips,300ul,sterile package,transparent,length:89mm96 pcs/box,30 boxes/carton
BSFPT1250T-SSelf-sealing filter tips,1250ul,sterile package,transparent,length:89mm96 pcs/box,30 boxes/carton
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