Reagent Reservoirs

Biolanbo offers  reagent reservoirs in a full range of volumes and styles available to accommodate required volume of reagents and reduce waste.


* Medical grade PP,RNase/DNase free, endotoxin free,pyrogen free,Cytotoxin free

* Suitable for 8-channel or 12-channel pipette or 8-channel, 12-channel, 96-well, 384-well automated pipetting station.

* Less residue, low metal content, autoclavable

*Good chemical stability

Ordering Information

Reagent Reservoirs

RS08-208-channel Reagent Reservoirs,20ml/channel5 pcs/pk,50 pcs/carton
RS08-20S8-channel Reagent Reservoirs,20ml/channel,sterile5 pcs/pk,50 pcs/carton
RS12-1412-channel Reagent Reservoirs,14ml/channel5 pcs/pk,50 pcs/carton
RS12-14S12-channel Reagent Reservoirs,14ml/channel,sterile5 pcs/pk,50 pcs/carton
RS96-19596 well reagent reservoirs,195ml5 pcs/pk,50 pcs/carton
RS96-195S96 well reagent reservoirs,195ml,sterile5 pcs/pk,50 pcs/carton
RS384-185384 well reagent reservoirs,185ml5 pcs/pk,50 pcs/carton
RS384-185S384 well reagent reservoirs,185ml,sterile5 pcs/pk,50 pcs/carton
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