Regenerated Cellulose(RC) syringe filter

Regenerated cellulose(RC) syringe filters are best and versatile option for reliable sample preparation in a variety of applications, especially in HPLC.


Biolanbo regenerated cellulose(RC) syringe filter is ready-to-use filter device, appropriate for sample preparation in many applications, which is made of world’s leading supplier of regenerated cellulose(RC) membrane.Regenerated Cellulose(RC) membrane is naturally hydrophilic without adding any wetting agent and reinforced with nonwoven cellulose. It features very low non-specific-adsorption and broad chemical compatibility, makes it ideal filtration choice for  both aqueous solutions and most organic solvents.


  • Natural hydrophilic, excellent wetting ability
  • Super low non-specific-adsorption characteristic
  • Low protein binding capability
  • Low extractables and leachables.
  • High mechanical strength, superior thermal resistance
  • Excellent sterilization resistance.


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RC Syringe Filter

BS13RC0022Non-sterile regenerated cellulose syringe filter,13mm,0.22μm100pcs/box
BS13RC0045Non-sterile regenerated cellulose syringe filter,13mm,0.45μm100pcs/box
BS25RC0022Non-sterile regenerated cellulose syringe filter,25mm,0.22μm100pcs/box
BS25RC0045Non-sterile regenerated cellulose syringe filter,25mm,0.45μm100pcs/box
BS30RC0022Non-sterile regenerated cellulose syringe filter,30mm,0.22μm100pcs/box
BS30RC0045Non-sterile regenerated cellulose syringe filter,30mm,0.45μm100pcs/box
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