Cryopreservation Box

Biolanbo provides 25 well,81 well and 100 well cryopreservation box.


* Transparent polycarbonate material

* 5X5、9×9、10×10 arrangement

* Holds 25, 81, 100 cryovials respectively

* Used for 1-2ml cryovials

* Temperature range between -196°C to +121°C

Ordering Information

Cryopreservation Box

BCB025Cryopreservation Box,5X5,25 well1 pc/pk,10 pcs/carton
BCB081Cryopreservation Box,9X9,81 well1 pc/pk,10 pcs/carton
BCB100Cryopreservation Box,10X10,100 well1 pc/pk,10 pcs/carton
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