Microcentrifuge Tube

Microcentrifuge tube is a small centrifuge tube,used in conjunction with a microcentrifuge for the separation and centrifugation of micro volume samples.

They are widely used for preparing, transferring and storing samples in many applications.

Biolanbo offers a selection of high performance microcentrifuge tube from 0.5ml to 5ml with sterile package and non-sterile package for customers’ diversify application requirement.


* Made of high quality polypropylene with excellent chemical-resistance and mechanical strength, ultra-clear and easy to observe

* Flat cap, which ensures good sealing performance and is easy to open.

* Bevel design on the edge of the cap, good touch, easy to open

* Autoclavable

* RNase/DNase free, pyrogen free, cytotoxin free

* Graduated with frosted writing area

* Up to 20000g centrifugal force

* Low adsorption microcentrifuge tubes reduce liquid hanging and material adsorption.

* Aseptic packaging with 100 pcs/pk is more convenient for customers to access.

* Aseptic packaging is not recommended for secondary sterilization.

* Available in multiple colour

Ordering Information

Microcentrifuge Tubes

BMT005NMicrocentrifuge Tubes,0.5ml,non-sterile,natural color1000 pcs/pk,10 pks/box
BMT005N-SMicrocentrifuge Tubes,0.5ml,sterile,natural color100 pcs/pk,10pks/box
BMT015NMicrocentrifuge Tubes,1.5ml,non-sterile,natural color500 pcs/pk,10 pks/carton
BMT015-SMicrocentrifuge Tubes,1.5ml,sterile,natural color100 pcs/pk,10pks/box
BMT020NMicrocentrifuge Tubes,2.0ml,non-sterile,natural color500 pcs/pk,10 pks/carton
BMT020N-SMicrocentrifuge Tubes,2.0ml,sterile,natural color100 pcs/pk,10pks/box
BMT050NMicrocentrifuge Tubes,5.0ml,non-sterile,natural color200 pcs/pk,10 pks/carton
BMT050N-SMicrocentrifuge Tubes,5.0ml,sterile,natural color50 pcs/pk,4 pks/box
BMT005BMicrocentrifuge Tubes,0.5ml,non-sterile,brown color1000 pcs/pk,10 pks/box
BMT005B-SMicrocentrifuge Tubes,0.5ml,sterile,brown color100 pcs/pk,10pks/box
BMT015BMicrocentrifuge Tubes,1.5ml,non-sterile,brown color500 pcs/pk,10 pks/carton
BMT015B-SMicrocentrifuge Tubes,1.5ml,sterile,brown color100 pcs/pk,5 pks/box
BMT020BMicrocentrifuge Tubes,2.0 ml,non-sterile,brown color500 pcs/pk,10 pks/carton
BMT020B-SMicrocentrifuge Tubes,2.0 ml,sterile,brown color100 pcs/pk,5 pks/box
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