Heavy-duty Vacuum Bottle

Heavy-duty vacuum bottles are wall thickened, high pressure resistant vacuum bottles, which can hold near full vacuum for 24 hours, making them  glass HPLC containers replacement, and ideal for applications involving degasification, waste aspiration, and cell harvesting.

Biolanbo heavy-duty vacuum bottles are available with several plastic resin material.


* Most durable bottle among Biolanbo bottle group, with ultra-high strength.

* White PP cap design is robust and abrasion resistant, with gasket to ensure completely leak proof.

*Available in PP,HDPE and brown HDPE.

* Used for the storage and transport of liquids and dry materials, and can also be used as a reservoir

and waste liquid container for automated equipments.

* Every bottle is available to have tee cover for liquid dispensing or rehydration.

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Carboy with tap,PP body,white PP cap 的副本

CBT-10P10L389mm250mm64mmIndividually packed
CBT-20P20L528mm286mm64mmIndividually packed
CBT-50P50L678mm379mm64mmIndividually packed

Thickened Pressure-Resistant Vacuum Bottle,HDPE bottle and PP cap

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