High Speed Round-Bottom Centrifuge Tube

Biolanbo high speed round-bottom centrifuge tube is high performance middle-volume centrifuge tube, which features uniform wall thickness and diameter, available in 10ml to 100ml and fit a wide range of rotors, material options including polypropylene and polycarbonate with traditional screw cap, can be used in high speed sample centrifugation.


* Available in polypropylene and polycarbonate, excellent chemical resistance.

* Polypropylene, translucent, leak-proof, with excellent chemical resistance.

* Polycarbonate, transparent, leak-proof, with excellent low temperature resistance.

* Can be used in refrigerated or non-refrigerated centrifuges with centrifugal force up to 50,000g.

* Compatible with major centrifuges including ThermoFisher、Sigma、Beckman、Eppendorf、Tomy etc.

* The filling volume reaches more than 80% of its total capacity to work properly.

* Re-usable and autoclavable at 121°C


When autoclaving, please remove the cover completely and place it on the top of the container.

Ordering Information

High Speed Round-Bottom Centrifuge Tubes

BHT10010ml polypropylene high speed round-bottom centrifuge tubes,81.4x16.0mm10 pcs/ok,100 pcs/carton
BHT30030ml polypropylene high speed round-bottom centrifuge tubes,94.3x25.5mm10 pcs/ok,100 pcs/carton
BHT50050ml polypropylene high speed round-bottom centrifuge tubes,106.7x28.8mm10 pcs/ok,100 pcs/carton
BHT1000100ml polypropylene high speed round-bottom centrifuge tubes,105.7x38.2mm10 pcs/ok,100 pcs/carton
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