Carboy Container

As there are different kinds of chemicals stored and handled in laboratories daily operation, it is important to keep the laboratory safety.

Carboy containers  are big-volume plastic or glass containers that typically hold 20 to 60 liters of liquid, which can be used to minimize the risk of spills, fires and toxic vapors. Plus that they can be also used for safe and effective collection of waste,so they are commonly consumables in laboratories.

Carboy container with taps are ideal for storing and dispensing liquid solutions, media, distilled water, reagents, solvents, etc.

Biolanbo carboy containers are made from high quality plastic resins available in multiple material and specification in order to meet different storage requirement.


* Available in PP,PC and brown HDPE, much lighter weight than glass containers.

* Round design, graduated, leak proof, excellent chemical resistance, wide shoulder handle for easy handling,pouring and  convenient transport

* Polypropylene carboys can be autoclaved for storing solvents, media, reagents, vaccines, etc.

* LDPE uses few catalysts than HDPE and is more suitable for holding reagents that are sensitive to polymerization catalysts.

* Brown HDPE carboys are the best choice for storing and mixing photosensitive chemicals, reagents, buffer.

Ordering Information

Carboy,PP body, white PP cap

CB-10P10L389mm250mm64mmIndividually packed
CB-20P20L528mm286mm64mmIndividually packed
CB-50P50L678mm379mm64mmIndividually packed

Carboy with tap,PP body,white PP cap

CBT-10P10L389mm250mm64mmIndividually packed
CBT-20P20L528mm286mm64mmIndividually packed
CBT-50P50L678mm379mm64mmIndividually packed
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