Mini Centrifuge

Biolanbo mini centrifuge is novel in appearance and versatile.It is equipped with two centrifugal rotors and multiple test tube sleeves for 2.0ml/1.5ml/ 0.5ml/0.2ml centrifuge tubes and 8 × 2 × 0.2ml PCR tube strips. Fully transparent round top cover with multi rotor equipped, and an open cover pause function and electronic timing fully embodied the design concept of humanization.

Biolanbo mini centrifuge is available with 5 speed, from 4000rpm to 10000rpm.


  • Large radius with 8-hole rotor design, 1.5-fold stronger centrifugal force
  • Top cover opens automatically for easy one-handed operation
  • Snap-on design for easy rotor replacement and removal
  • Noise reduction function, near silent operation
  • The maintenance-free motor is durable, safe and reliable
  • Exquisite appearance and compact size

Technical Parameter

Product parameters
Model MiniC-4K MiniC-6K MiniC-8K MiniC-10K Mini-10K+
Speed 4000rpm 6000rpm 7000rpm 10000rpm 3000-10000rpm
Max.RCF 860xg 2000xg 2600xg 5400xg 500-5400xg
Capacity Centrifuge Tube :8×2.0ml/1.5ml/0.5ml/0.2ml PCR tube strips :8×2×0.2ml
Timer 1~99m59s
Noise Level ≤ 45dB ≤ 55dB
Dimensions(W×D×H) 160 x 176 x 124 (mm)
Weight ≤ 1.5kg
Voltage 220V/110V 50-60Hz
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