Water Bath

Biolanbo water bath is a multi-function thermostat water tank controlled by PID. It’s an indispensable tool in the fields of pharmaceutical, biochemistry, scientific research, environmental protection and etc.


  • High quality water tank: Wearproof and corrosion-resistant stainless steel coated by Teflon
  • With large-diameter drain valve for quickly discharge
  • 10 programs stored for fast operation
  • Controlled by PID, high precision and tiny fluctuation
  • Big size TFT display
  • Built-in liquid level sensor with buzzer alarm
  • Good uniformity due to a big heating plate fixed under the tank bottom

Technical Parameter

Product Parameters
Mode WB-2 WB-2A WB-3A WB-5 WB-10
Voltage AC100~120V/AC200~240V 50~60Hz
Temperature Control Range RT. +5~100℃
Timer 1m~99h59m
Temp.Accuracy ±0.3℃
Uniformity ±0.3℃(37℃)
Capacity 2L 2L*2 2L*3 5L 10L
Power 250W 500W 750W 550W 1000W


135x150x150 (mm) 2 ×135x150x150 (mm) 3 ×135x150x150 (mm) 155x300x150 (mm)


240x300x150 (mm)


Dimension(W×D×H) 205x253x204 (mm) 415x253x204 (mm) 625x253x204 (mm) 205x395x210 (mm) 290x395x210 (mm)
Weight 2 4 5.5 3.5 8.75
Drain Method Manual Drain pump Manual Drain outlet
Liquid level alarm Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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